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Buildadatabase - About Us

About Us

A little bit of rebellion and a whole lot different.


Buildadatabase is out to change the way websites are built.


Our founder, Jason Carlson, always looks to improve function where others may not see the need.
As the visionary who co-founded, Jason believed that online freight rating and scheduling would transform the freight business when industry experts scoffed at the idea.  Well, as they say, the rest is history and by now a whole industry has shifted.

Jason has since taken that drive and vision and set out to improve the way websites are built and the content and features they (don't) provide.   Knowing that fresh, accurate data, and more of it, makes a dramatic improvement in search results and pageviews, Buildadatabase was formed.

Since 2000, we've taken the time to listen to our customers and added unique features to improve the service.  This has taken priority over releasing the same basic website builder product you've seen over and over again. 
Your business has lots of untapped data that other web builder products don't handle well: from your current product and service listings, employees, projects, photos, promotions, testimonials and more. Buildadatabase makes it easy to link any of this data together, list data sets using a custom search engine, create custom forms and marketing signups, and display it all beautifully in a 100% mobile-friendly and search engine optimized website.  Your front-end website is managed with our exclusive CRM and marketing management back-end.

We live by one simple question, "What would be your dream website?  Now go further and let's make that happen."  After years of development, we're now ready to make it happen for all.  

If you need a new website, on a small or grand scale, we hope you'll try Buildadatabase. We made it with people like you in mind.



P.O. Box 860382
Shawnee, KS 66286, USA



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