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Buildadatabase - How It Works

Enjoy a Smarter Website

Built beautifully and automatically around your data



 Great things happen when you use your data.  Create simple ways to display content that clients are looking for.  Link data to multiple areas of your website to get a jump in traffic.



Start with a Beautiful, Modern Design

Pick a few options and preferences and Buildadatabase creates a beautiful, custom website that fits your brand perfectly and looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.


Add Your Data Tools

Choose a solution with pre-built Data Tools.  Any data or function that's part of your company can be built and customized in Data Tools, such as: forms, projects, products, services, employees, ads, etc.




Get the Most Out of Your Data

Share data between pages and your website updates automatically.  Add custom fields to your data.  Set start and end dates to ads.  Feature items with a single click.  Track leads and much more.







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